Legal tools and governance frameworks on the national and international level provide both obstacles and opportunities in responding to climate challenges. Unlocking the knowledge of the legal community is crucial to rise to these challenges, empower actors from different sectors and levels of government to understand, change and use the role of law in taking climate action. To raise this awareness and facilitate this empowerment, CLGI hosts events each year during and in the run up to the UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties. With the climate community come together alongside the UNFCCC processes, the CoPs present a great opportunity to build on the growing climate law community of practice dedicated to contributing innovative legal solutions to the collective climate action effort.

CLGI’s main event alongside COP23 in 2017 in Bonn, German, will be Climate Law and Governance Day (see below for more information). In addition, CLGI will coordinate a capacity building course and side events in the Bula and Bonn zones (green and blue zone) of the COP23 Conference venue.

A calendar of relevant climate law and governance events coordinated by the CLGI secretariat as well as our partners can also be found here

Climate Law and Governance Day (CLGD)

A full day knowledge sharing and research symposium alongside COP23

Building on past successes, CLGD brings together diverse stakeholders alongside the UNFCCC COP each year to combine perspectives and solutions to the complex challenges of addressing climate change to feed back into the UNFCCC negotiation and implementation processes. Our diverse set of partners host roundtables, workshops and plenary debates on timely issues and innovative ideas.

CLGD 2017 will be held at the Universitätsforum Bonn on 10 Nov 2017.

Find out more about CLGD 2017 and how to get involved here.

Law and Governance Capacity Building Course

A full day capacity building course alongside COP23

With leading experts joining delegates and civil society actors this course is a unique opportunity to strengthen personal, professional, and academic knowledge bases on the legal aspects of the Paris Rulebook and its implementation. CLGI’s secretariat will assist its partners in coordinating a course to prepare delegates for the challenges in negotiating and implementing the Paris Rulebook.

Bonn Roundtable Discussion

Discussing current climate law and governance issue alongside the Bonn Climate Conference

Each year during the Subsidiary Bodies meetings in Bonn in May, the CLGI Secretariat convenes a roundtable discussion with some of its core partners to determine research priorities on climate law and governance, focus in depth on a selected current topic and to identify suitable themes for the upcoming CLGD.

Additional information on the Bonn Roundtable 2018 will be announced in the Upcoming Events Section. Information on past events can be found here.

Other Climate Law and Governance Events

An calendar of relevant climate law and governance events coordinated by the CLGI secretariat as well as our partners can also be found in the upcoming events section.

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