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Addressing the complex challenges posed by climate change and unsustainable behaviour in the wider sense requires us to work together as a global community and find innovative ways of dealing with the obstacles we face. As a whole, the Climate Law and Governance Initiative (CLGI) supports and generates knowledge sharing activities, an active community of practice, and specialised climate law and governance capacity-building events and courses alongside the annual UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties. Its work is coordinated by a broad climate action coalition of international organizations, academic institutions, leading law associations and law firms, courts, and tribunals. The full facilities of the CLGI knowledge centre can be found on the desktop version of the website.

Preparation and planning are currently underway for a round table during the Bonn Climate Change Conference in May 2017 and Climate Law and Governance Day alongside COP23.

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The Climate Law and Governance Initiative Secretariat thanks its full partners, CLGD Programme Committee, and CLGD Session Hosts, Partners, and Sponsors.