UNITAR E-Course on Climate Change Diplomacy: Negotiating Effectively Under the UNFCCC

This online course will develop participants’ understanding of the climate change policy framework, by building an appreciation of the science, causes and impacts of climate change, the history of the policy making process and the UNFCCC framework, and will also consider the pertinent challenges currently facing diplomats and international decision makers in making progress with what is currently on the negotiating table. The course will take a close look at the negotiations to-date. The course will take a close look at gender in the negotiations and also the specific interests of parties who are most vulnerable to impacts of climate change.

The course content will include the following one-week modules:

  1. Understanding Climate Change and Global Vulnerabilities
  2. Introduction to Climate Change Diplomacy
  3. Implementation, Compliance and Enforcement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Kyoto its Protocol
  4. Mitigating Climate Change
  5. Adapting to Climate Change
  6. International Considerations for Climate Change Decision Making- International Climate Financing and Technology Transfer
  7. Capacity Building, Education, Research
  8. Progressing Towards Future Climate Agreements

For more information on the course requirements, eligibility and content see https://www.unitar.org/event/full-catalog/climate-change-diplomacy-negotiating-effectively-under-unfccc-13