Pacific Climate Law and Governance – International Symposium 2017

The Pacific Climate Law and Governance will feature a climate leaders plenary panel for sharing cutting-edge legal challenges and innovations in the region and beyond, and three legal expert seminars for inter-active discussions and debates to advance climate action

=> Climate Leaders Plenary Panel: Climate Ambition, the Paris Agreement and the Law

=> Seminar 1: Agenda for Linking the World’s Climate Regime and the World’s Ocean Considering how to strengthen synergies and fill gaps between the climate regime and the governance framework for the oceans to address the impacts of climate change on the world’s oceans and seas

=> Seminar 2: Climate Justice and Human Rights Integrating human rights, addressing climate displacement and advancing the Warsaw International Mechanism for loss and damage

=> Seminar 3: Legal and Institutional Innovations for Food Security in Highly Climate Vulnerable Countries Exploring pathways to address the climate – agriculture – governance, nexus to build climate resilience and safeguard food security



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