Implementing the Paris Agreement in the Context of Sustainable Development: The Role of Law and Governance

This event will explore the role of law, the legal community and civil society in achieving climate objectives and will catalyse the key debates and insights from the discussions at Climate Law and Governance Day 2017 held on 10 Nov in Bonn. Designing optimal implementation guidelines for the Paris Agreement and ambitious implementation through its Nationally Determined Contributions and other mechanisms is imperative to addressing both climate challenges and sustainable development objectives. Reforming and building robust governance frameworks including legal and institutional reforms is needed to achieve these objectives. As countries and sub-national actors embark on these reforms, and as non-state actors increasingly add their efforts into the mix, there is a pressing need for legal expertise, research, innovation, education and capacity building. This event and its partners encourage knowledge sharing to integrate these efforts and maximise sustainable development outcomes. To find out more about the diverse events held at the Interconnections Zone during COP23 click here: