CISDL & LSE official UNFCCC Side Event: Advances in Climate Law and Governance – Implementing the Paris Agreement Worldwide



Hosted by CISDL, McGill & Grantham Research Institute, LSE (with outreach and coordination support from the CLGI secretariat)


Implementation of the Paris Agreement requires innovative legal tools and governance framework solutions. Highly climate-vulnerable countries merit specially dedicated attention and support. To meet this goal and implement the Paris Agreement world wide, legal experts across key countries shared insights on challenges, good practices and lessons in legal and institutional reform to strengthen climate mitigation, resilience and finance, and build capacity for climate law and policy solutions.

Prof. Dr. Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger (SEED, Univ Waterloo / CISDL & LCIL, Univ Cambridge) and Dr. Andre LaPerriere (GODAN) opened the side-event with remarks on the need for a dramatic increase in the number of legal experts in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Dr. Michal Nachmany (Grantham Research Institute, LSE) demonstrated the global trends in climate legislation and shared insights on the gaps to be bridged. Maitre Ayman Cherkaoui (CISDL / CoP22 Presidency), Prof. Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh (Univ South Pacific), Maitre Hafijul I. Khan (Centre for Climate Justice – Bangladesh), and Dr. Markus Gehring (LCIL – Univ Cambridge /BIICL) discussed ways to ensure positive impacts from legal reform in highly vulnerable countries, including effective parliamentary oversight. In an interactive discussion with the participants, Dr. Robert Hofstede (IDRC), Ms Kate Donelly (Univ South Pacific / Vanuatu), and Dr. Cosmin Corendea (Senior Research Fellow, EHS-United Nations University) discussed recent trends, barriers and innovations in climate law & governance.

Ms. Florentina Simlinger (CLGI) and Ms. Paula Martinelli Vieira da Rosa (CLGI) presented the outcomes of the Climate Law and Governance Day 2017. Awards of the CLG Global Essay and Mooting Competition were presented by Prof. Dr. Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger (SEED, Univ Waterloo / CISDL, McGill Univ & Univ Cambridge) and Dr. Andre LaPerriere (GODAN).


Event report by Florentina Simlinger