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Blog series from legal scholars and practitioners to raise awareness of legal and institutional challenges and responses related to climate change and stimulate debate within and beyond the legal community. It also features announcement and outcome summaries of past events

The Status of Climate Change Litigation : A Global Review

tAGS : Litigation

This joint report by UNEP and the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law provides judges, advocates, researchers,and the international community with an of-the moment survey of global climate change litigation, an overview of litigation trends, and descriptions of key issues that courts must resolve in the course of climate…

by United Nations Environment Programme & Columbia University, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law - Nov 2017

Assessment of Key Policy, Legal and Institutional Mechanisms Required for the Development and Implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) Selected SEMED Countries

This report analyses, sector-specific barriers and opportunities for achievement of NDC priorities in Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco, with the aim of providing specific directions for further reform in all three countries. Drawing these out should encourage and enable implementation of all NDC commitments.




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by EBRD & CISDL - Nov 2017

Legislating the Paris Agreement in Developing Countries

The success of the Paris Agreement on climate change depends on the capability of countries to implement their commitments, the nationally determined contributions (NDCs). In this connection, legislation – whether it is an overarching framework act or the revision of sector specific rules – can be an important tool….

by Christoph Schwarte - Oct 2017

Climate Change and Statehood Vulnerability: A Space for an International Governance Mechanism
Climate Change and Statehood Vulnerability: A Space for an International Governance Mechanism

By Dr. Alexandra R. Harrington

In international law, it is axiomatic that control over inhabited territory is essential to the recognition of legal sovereignty and statehood. However, what happens to statehood and the viability of sovereignty when the territory of a state is rendered uninhabitable? These questions…

by Dr. Alexandra R. Harrington - Oct 2017

The Paris Climate Agreement: An Initial Examination

This working paper considers the legal structure and content of the 2015 Paris Agreement. He identifies and describes three main parts of the agreement – its goals, areas in which action should be undertaken and the implementation techniques and provides some considerations about the future of the agreement.

by Jorge E. Viñuales - Sep 2017

Legal Principles Relating to Climate Change

In 2014 the International Law Association adopted draft articles on the existing legal principles relating to climate change. These draft articles supplemented commentaries were developed by leading legal academics to clarify the obligations of states regarding climate change under international law and provide guidance to states in negotiating new…

by International Law Association - Sep 2017

The Evolution and Governance Architecture of the Climate Change Regime by Daniel Bodansky and Lavanya Rajamani (2015)

Bondansky and Rajamani offer a historical and legal overview of the UN climate regime for its emergence through the different achievements and failures of the climate summits up to the 2015. Moreover, they describe the main components of the existing legal regime and offer some thoughts about the future…

by - Sep 2017

Taking Climate Justice Into Our Own Hands: A Model Climate Compensation Act (2015)

tAGS : Litigation

This report illustrates how courts and national governments can use principles of private international law to take action against fossil fuel polluters. It also includes a proposal for a Climate Compensation Act that clarifies principles of liability for large-scale greenhouse gas emitters, and could be enacted by countries around…

by Andrew Gage and Margaretha Wewerinke - Sep 2017